This module provides an introduction to trauma informed practice when working with men who have been sexually abused in childhood.

Males who have experienced sexual assault may have experienced either a single event or multiple events (or both, often) over long periods of their lives, so may experience either or both PTSD and Complex Trauma. Here we will be looking at the application of mindfulness to work with males who have experienced sexual assault.

Men and HealingFoundations is a group program for working with men who have been sexually abused in childhood. The purpose of the program is simple - to support participants to address the experience and impacts of past sexual abuse and to improve personal and relational well-being in the present.

This Foundations module is designed to guide and support health care professionals in facilitating a therapeutic, psycho-educational group program for men who have been sexually abused in childhood. It provides the foundations for the development of a professionally facilitated support group. The module operates as a practical guide that will benefit from being adjusted and refined to respond to the membership, dynamics and service context of each particular group.

WWILDThis module provides an overview of practice consideration when working with men with a learning or intellectual disability who have been sexually abused. It has been prepared with the support of our partners WWILD-Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Association Inc.

This section provides an introduction to working with men who have been sexually abused to enhance their awareness and skills in managing emotions. Topics covered include:

  • Common gender-based challenges in managing emotions that men who have been sexually abused face.
  • Expanding men’s emotional awareness and literacy.
  • Introducing distress tolerance and emotional regulation
  • Useful strategies