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  • Quality standards for services supporting male victims/survivors of sexual violence

    At Living Well, we congratulate our friends and colleagues at the Male Survivor Partnership UK. The Quality Standards and accompanying Self Assessment tools they have developed are valuable and much needed resources for all services providing support to males who have experienced child sexual abuse or adult sexual assault.

    Male Survivors Partnership is working with Lime Culture CIC to develop the first ever quality assured UK male service standards, because we believe every boy and every man deserves to be offered the highest standard of support, treatment and care.

    Male service standards

    The number of services supporting men who have experienced sexual violence has increased over recent years. This is thought to be due in part to organisations being better positioned to respond to men who want to access support, and may also be a result of commissioners wanting to ensure that services are equitable to all genders in their local communities.

    As services for male identified victims/survivors are developed, it is crucial that they are able to meet the specific needs of their clients. As such, in 2017, Male Survivor Partnership began working towards researching and developing quality standards for services supporting male identified victims/survivors of sexual violence.

    The purpose of these quality standards is to improve the consistency of service provision for men who have experienced sexual violence. The overall aim of the quality standards is to create a framework and benchmark that can be used to develop and improve the quality of service provision to male victims/survivors, in particular recognising their gender based needs.

    It is intended that the quality standards will be available to any professional, service provider, client or commissioner who wishes to access them to further the improvement of support for male victims/survivors.

    Male Survivors Partnership UK

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