This chart is designed to support a personal stocktake in relation to different domains of life. It is a tool that can be used on a monthly basis to keep track of how you are travelling according to you. Participants are invited to place a mark for each of the domains, and to join these together with a single line for each stocktake. The scoring is personal, and will understandably fluctuate over time. There is no suggestion that anyone can score 100% in all domains at any time. 

The identified domains have been selected for their contribution to overall personal well-being. 

  • Relationships/partner/intimacy
  • Relationships/friendship/social
  • Physical health and well-being
  • Study & learning
  • Relaxation/fun/play/adventure
  • Work/meaningful activity
  • Understanding/managing trauma/emotions
  • Self care/self compassion
  • Additional area of interest

The domains related to 'Understanding/managing trauma/emotions' and 'Self care/self compassion' are included in recognition that these are particular challenges that confront men who have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted, and that they demand attention. An 'Additional area of interest' is included on the chart in recognition that everyone is unique, and each individual may wish to keep track of how they are travelling in relation to a domain of life they have identified as a priority for them (be it parenting, learning a new language, daily mindfulness, spirituality, sexuality etc.)

This personal stocktake is not meant to replace validated tools like the 'Well-Being Self Assessment' (Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale) available on the Living Well app.  It is a personalised tool for you to keep track of how you are travelling according to you.  The scoring of different domains in a chart format is useful in that it provides a visual snapshot that quickly identifies any areas that will benefit from additional attention in the coming days, weeks, and months.


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