The rugged individual: Men should be emotionally stoic (uncomplaining), and hide their inner lives. They should be tough and deny their pain ('suck it up'). They should be independent and self-reliant. 

The big man: Men should be preoccupied with work, status, money, and achievement. They should be number one, the boss. They should be competent and never fail. They should maintain power and control. They should be sexually magnificent. They can never be victims. 

Give 'em hell: Men should be forceful and aggressive with others. They should see life as a competitive battlefield. They should be fearless. 'Winning isn't the main thing, it’s the only thing.' 

No sissy stuff: Men should reject everything associated with femininity, including vulnerability, emotion, and intimate conversation. Sex should be a purely physical act, not an emotional, relational, or spiritual one. Men should especially reject any qualities associated with homosexuality, or anything that could be seen as 'gay'.  Note how this suggested as aspect of the 'male code' is both sexist and homophobic. 


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