This section summarises the session content and facilitation notes of Foundations.

Outline of sessions

Below are the sessions that make up the eight-week group. Each session is presented in its own chapter, with several sub pages. These pages explore the content of each session in detail:

Whilst the following section outlines provide comprehensive content and facilitation notes, we would like to remind facilitators that their primary role is to support group members' engagement and participation through the creation of a safe and supportive learning environment. The Foundations group manual is a resource to share information and facilitate discussion on identified themes, not a regimen that requires all activities to be covered or questions asked. The material provided is a resource or tool kit (with background information and understanding) that facilitators can draw upon in supporting and guiding participants' discussions and learning.

As Foundations is a therapeutic/psycho-educational group program, practitioners will be called upon to engage in both supporting learning through information and resource provision, and in facilitating discussions and reflection. Each group and individual will have their own preferences - some men will commence the group seeking structured information provision with identified outcomes, while others will be looking for engagement, and the opportunity to hear from participants via free flowing discussion. It is the facilitators' responsibility to adapt and balance the mix of interests, expectations, and experience.

The session themes are presented sequentially, designed to prioritise safety and self care; to build knowledge and understanding, to support participant’s engagement in discussion and reflection; to identify and address the impacts of child sexual abuse; to develop confidence and competence; and to enhance personal and relational well-being and overall quality of life in the present.


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