Below are videos that professionals working in the areas of sexual abuse and trauma might find useful.

Description of Dual Awareness for treating PTSD

In this video clip, psychotherapist and trauma expert, Babette Rothschild, explains the necessity of stabilization prior to "working through of traumatic material"- including the development of dual awareness, mindfulness and observing self.

Rebounding from Trauma

Dr Peter Levine discusses rebounding from the effects of trauma through reconnection with our body and our sensations and feelings. He also shares the inspirational story of one of his first patients.

Trauma, Suffering and Mindfulness

In this video clip, John Briere provides an overview of the Buddhist notion of pain vs. suffering as it applies to trauma and trauma therapy. Mindfulness as a "third way" for trauma resolution will be introduced, along with existential awareness regarding attachment and impermanence.

We invite you to also take a look at our Introductory Practitioner Interview Series: Working with men who have been sexually abused. This collection of fourteen videos, developed by Living Well, is intended to support and aid in the professional development of practitioners working in the area of male sexual abuse.


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