Implementation guidance for commissioners and service providers

The standards recognise that male victims/survivors are not a homogeneous group, and they therefore have been developed to apply to services supporting all adult male victim/survivors, regardless of their socioeconomic group, their sexual orientation, their religious, cultural or political beliefs, whether the person who abused them was male or female, or whether the abuse occurred recently or non-recently.

It is hoped that the development and implementation of quality standards will achieve the following objectives:

  • Share and promote new ways of working, including partnership and co-delivery, for both service providers and commissioners.
  • Improve quality by supporting both service providers and commissioners to adopt effective performance monitoring and benchmarking against the quality standards.
  • Influence commissioners and policymakers to use the quality standards to promote equitable service provision between services and across geographical locations.

The demonstrable benefits of the quality standards will be:

  • Service providers across the UK can begin to monitor their own performance against the quality standards.
  • Commissioners can be confident that the service providers they commission are providing appropriate quality assured support to male victims/survivors.
  • Male victims/survivors will be able to access a level of service that is clearly described and verified.

Download the Quality Standards

The Quality Standards document is available on the Male Survivors Partnership website as a PDF document [420 KB]. You will need to register your download for statistical purposes.

Last modified: Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 1:31 PM