Groupwork with men

Group work can play an important role in breaking down the sense of isolation and of being somehow 'different' from 'other men' that men subjected to sexual violence can often experience. Although the thought of joining a group can be quite daunting for men, it has the potential to offer support, a sense of 'connection and mateship' that speaking one on one with a counsellor can never do. The following articles are useful starting place, however what is most important is that the group works for the men present in ways that safe, relevant and useful for them. Check out the following documents and let us know if there are alternative resources available.

Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Transformation: The Group Education Manual

The ACQUIRE Project/EngenderHealth and Promundo 2008. Covers gender and power, sexuality, men and health, substance use, healthy relationships, STI and HIV prevention, Living with HIV, fatherhood, violence, making change, taking action.
Download the Manual PDF [1.39 mb]

Men and Healing: Theory, Research and Practice in Working with Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Fisher, A. Goodwin, R. & Patton M. Prepared for the Goodwin Public Inquiry 2008.
Download article PDF [950 kb]

Opening the door: A Treatment Model for Therapy with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Combining Voices: Supporting Paths of Healing in Adult Female and Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

prepared by Frederick Mathews, Ph.D., C. Psych.
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Respect, Protect, Connect: Boys work in the new millennium

By O'Leary, T Pratt, R & Mitchell, C. South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault, Melbourne, Victoria (2005).
Download article PDF [3.8 MB]

The journey of a lifetime: Group work with young women who have experienced sexual assault

By McPhie, L. & Chaffey, C. for Gecko: A journal of deconstruction and narrative ideas in therapeutic practice (1998 Vol 1). This article has been successfully used as a template for running a group with young men. In order to make it relevant for young men, an additional session was added (2nd session) to acknowledge and unpack the influence of ideas of masculinity and manhood in the young men's lives. In addition considerable time was set aside to discuss issues of 'sexuality' and the 'cycle of abuse'.
Download articlePDF [236 KB] Also available on the Dulwich Centre Website.


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