Strengths cards have long been used in counselling and therapeutic work in order to assist people in identifying their strengths and skills, to clarify goals, explore values, to reflect on narratives, and to provide critical feedback and evaluation. They have come such a long way that they are now also commonly used in clinical supervision, job interviews, public speaking, group work and even creative pursuits such as writing and expressive arts prompts.

Using tools such as strengths cards in counselling and other support work can be a great way to open conversations, build rapport, work through therapeutic blocks, and, as always, prompt people to identify their own abilities and values.

The following set of Strength Cards for Men were developed by Garbrielle Borggaard specifically for working with men, and are grounded in strengths based theory. The set consists of 54 strengths/cards illustrated by symbolic photographs aimed at men, boys and masculine-leaning people. Please feel free to print these out for use in your own work.

We appreciate Gabrielle's generosity in making these available to us and our clients and supporters! Please download for your own use only and do not sell or otherwise distribute.

Caring / Friendly Courteous / Responsible Reliable / Honest

Download the set of cards as a PDF [PDF 3.2MB] or simply view it below.


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