Complex trauma and trauma-informed practice guidelines

This publication by BlueKnot (formerly known as the Adults Surviving Child Abuse/ASCA) — Practice guidelines for treatment of complex trauma and trauma informed care and service delivery — presents the collective wisdom of the last two decades of national and international research in the trauma field. It is poised to revolutionise possibilities for recovery for the large numbers of people with unresolved “complex trauma” — child abuse (in all its forms), neglect, family and community violence, and other adverse childhood events. It establishes such insights as the fact that optimism about recovery from complex trauma is warranted, and that childhood trauma can be resolved. The comprehensive 150 page Practice Guidelines are only available for download at the BlueKnot website (registration required).

PTSD and Acute Stress treatment guidelines

The Australian guidelines for the treatment of adults with Acute Stress Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, by the Australian Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health (2007). Including:

  • What are PTSD and Acute Stress?
  • Screening, assessment and diagnosis
  • Intervention planning
  • Interventions: Psychological, pharmacological, physical, and psycho-social
  • Evidence review and treatment recommendations
  • Specific populations and trauma types (including sexual assault)

Download PDF file [PDF 1.9MB] or simply view it below.


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