The pre-group interview provides an opportunity for both facilitators and potential participants to discuss individual and group goals, and to determine whether this group would be appropriate for this participant. Ideally, it will be conducted in person. Important topics to cover include: information about the Foundations group and host service, additional support options, who the facilitators will be, group location, access/parking, group commencement date and duration, and content structure and processes. It is important to address questions related to disclosure, confidentiality, safety, and perpetration.

Basic group information

Foundations is an 8 session/week group counselling program designed for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. Its purpose is to support men in addressing the impacts of sexual abuse on their lives, and in enhancing their overall personal and relational well-being.

The group is semi-structured, and covers different topics each week, including:

  • Well-being & self-care
  • Understanding trauma and effects
  • Masculinity, and ideas about being a man
  • Disclosure
  • Silence & secrecy
  • Shame & guilt
  • Expressing emotions
  • Relationships & trust
  • Intimacy & sexuality
  • Justice, revenge, & getting on
  • Valued living, SMART goals

Detail dates, time, place, facilities, breaks, introduce facilitators…

Note: The pre-group interview is an adjunct to established organisational intake, assessment, and support processes designed to meet professional standards and legal requirements.

The pre-group interview will typically take between 45-60 minutes. It is an opportunity for facilitators to personally reach out and engage potential participants, and to confirm they have access to appropriate support.

The attached PDF file is for facilitators to reference during a potential participant's pre-group interview, in order to make sure the program is suitable for the person, as well as to obtain some required administrative information.


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