To be discussed and agreed upon by group participants: 

  • The group will start and finish on time. We make contact if we are running late or are unable to attend.
  • We will be sober and able to participate when we attend group sessions.
  • We will switch off our mobile phones. If it is necessary to leave a phone on, we will let group members know.
  • We respect people's privacy.
  • We recognise there are limits to confidentiality, and that facilitators have a responsibility to ensure people are safe.
  • It’s ok to disagree - we respect difference.
  • We will not use personal insults, sarcasm, or put downs.
  • There is no such thing as a silly question.
  • Everyone has the right to equal participation, and the right to 'pass'.
  • Engaged listening is a valid contribution to the group; so is challenging yourself to say something that is difficult.
  • We will not physically touch other group members unless there is express permission (whether this is a handshake, a pat on the back, or a hug).
  • There is no expectation or pressure on group members to talk about abusive experiences. We will be sensitive to the impact on group members, and avoid excessive detail.
  • It's ok to take a break.
  • We will limit communication with other group members outside of group during our participation in the program.
  • We will discuss any difficulties adhering to the group guidelines within the group.


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