1)    Males cannot be sexually abused or victimised.
2)    If a male has 'allowed' the abuse, then he is a sissy or weakling.
3)    Boys/youth can always say no to abuse if violence is not used. If they didn't, then they must have wanted the abuse to occur.
4)    If a male becomes sexually aroused, then he is an equal participant in the abuse.
5)    Most sexual abuse of males is perpetrated by homosexual men.
6)    Sexual abuse turns a boy/youth gay.
7)    Sexually abused boys/youth inevitably become sexually abusive men.
8)    Males are less traumatised by sexual victimisation than are females.
9)    Perpetration by females is rare.
10)   Perpetration by a female is less harmful than by males. In fact, if the perpetrator is female, then the straight boy/youth got 'lucky'. He is fortunate to have been initiated into heterosexual activity. A gay boy/youth is 'lucky' if he has been initiated into homosexual activity by an older male.


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